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Concerts at the Vienna Mozarthaus

Mozart Ensemble Vienna Four chamber musicians, experienced in playing solo as well as together, form the Vienna string quartet Mozart Ensemble Wien. Directed by Claudio Bentes at the position of first violin, the Mozart Ensemble Vienna has become an insider's tip for fans of Viennese chamber music.

In the classic cast of two violins, a viola and a cello, the Mozart Ensemble brings to life the most beautiful works of the Viennese classic in all its nuances. With playful charm and and nimble figuration, the string quartet plays a program with selected works of Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

String quartets at the Vienna Mozarthaus

A voyage into the depths of Viennese chamber music begins before even entering into the concert hall. The Deutschordenshaus at Singerstraße is an imposing building, somehow not willing to fit into the Inner City with its narrow alleys and mysterious yards. It is not often that one can see how Vienna has changed and grown over the epochs that have passed.

Musical ghosts roam Vienna's streets and the town remains besotted with its past musical masters. Mozart's String Quartet C-Dur KV.157, Haydn's Quartet in d - moll op. 76/2 and Beethoven's string quartet Nr. 10 in Es-Dur fill the narrow streets of Vienna with delightful music. Oh, if only there were more time for Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven. Mozart's formal elegance, Beethoven's fluent expression and Haydn's famous string quartets guide one according to Viennese Classic, to the imperial era with a pinch of European quartet tradition. And you might find out that Mozart Ensemble's graceful phrasing and awareness of structure are musical equivalents of Vienna's ornate architecture and imperial atmosphere.

The Mozart Ensemble presents selected works of the viennese classic, in the familiar atmosphere of the Sala Terrena at the convent of the Deutschen Ritter Ordens. Where Mozart himself, under the supervision of bishop Colloredo used to work and lodge.

Mozart Ensemble Concerts

Mozart Ensemble Vienna The Viennese String quartet Mozart Ensemble has the pleasant task to continue the tradition of Viennesse classic. The repertoire includes well-known compositions, as well as string quartets by composers like Haydn, Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven. The Mozart Ensemble - Vienna consists of four experienced musicians of the Viennese musical life, which are both engaged as Kammermusiker and soloists. By performing in Austria and abroad, the Mozart Ensemble - Vienna has established itself in the Viennese concert culture and has become an "insider tip".

The programme: Mozart, Schubert, Haydn and Beethoven

Quints quartet

(String quartet Opus 76/2 - 1797)

Joseph Haydn's string quartets, Op. 76, composed in 1796 and 1797, were commissioned by Count Joseph Erdoedy. These quartets are among Haydn's most ambitious and sophisticated chamber works, deviating more than previous quartets from the expected sonata form, and emphasizing thematic continuity, seamlessly and continually passing motives from one instrument to another.

The name Quints quartet for Opus 76/2 is a reference to the perfectly well attuned fifths in the first movement at the beginning of the quartet. The outer movements are typically fast, the inner movements consist of a slow movement and a dance movement like a minuet, scherzo or furiant, in either order. The minuet in Haydn's Opus 76/2 became known as the Witch Minuet because of its supposedly bewitching quality.

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