Ticket buying help

We are either the organizer of or an official and authorized ticket partner for all concerts and concert packages offered on our websites. As such we sell tickets exclusively at face value - the same price you would pay at the evening ticket booth. All prices are total prices, including all taxes and statutory fees. We do not add any booking fees or shipping charges. We are not a reseller and do not provide second hand tickets.

How to order

  1. Select your concert by browsing the concert calendar or select it from the list of concerts and then click on Buy tickets.
  2. Select your seating category and the number of tickets you would like to buy.
    All prices stated are total prices including all applicable fees and charges and statutory VAT. We do not add any additional costs to the prices stated. Ticket delivery takes place electronically and incurs no shipping or handling fees.
    The seats at our concerts are not numbered. Seating will be assigned upon admittance to the concert hall according to ticket category. Our ushers will make sure that your seats are next to one another and in the same row.
  3. Fill in your personal details and click Next (Payment).
  4. Pay for your tickets:
  • Visa Mastercard American Express JCB Diners Club
    With credit card. You will be forwarded to our secure payment provider where you can safely enter your credit card details. We support American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Mastercard and Visa.
    Additionally we also provide a printable order form with which you can fax your credit card information if you so prefer.
  • Paypal
    With Paypal. You can also pay directly from your Paypal account or use Paypal's guest checkout.
  • By bank transfer. You can also pay the ticket price by bank transfer. Note that this payment requires you to order early enough so that your payment will be credited to our account before the concert date.
  1. Immediately after completion of your payment you will receive an automated email confirmation of your order including all order details. Please verify this information and claim any noticeable deviation by replying to the confirmation.
    If you do not receive any email from us, make sure to look into the junk and spam folders of your emails, as we have no influence whether your provider considers messages from us erroneously as spam nor not. This depends exclusively on your email provider and your personal email settings. Please note that many providers automatically empty the spam folders after some time, so move the email to a safe folder (and mark them as not spam).
    If you use an external email client (like Thunderbird or Outlook) with some providers (hotmail.com or for example mail.ru), we recommend that you log in with your browser. It has happened a few times that certain setups do not download email that gets filtered at the server already.
    If you pay with bank transfer, the order confirmation will be sent once the payment is credited to our account.
  2. As soon as your seats are confirmed you will get another email containing your reservation number and your ticket as PDF attachment. This usually happens within a few business hours, or, if you order later at night, on the following day. Vienna uses Central European Time, which is UTC/GMT+1 and UTC/GMT+2 from the end of March to the end of October.
    In some rare cases, like for example if you order far in advance or the restaurant of a concert and dinner package has a holiday on the day of your order, it can take up to three days.
    You will however always receive your tickets in well enough time for your concert visit.
  3. You can then either pick up your tickets before the concert at the concert hall entrance with your name and reservation number or print them in advance for convenience.

Questions and answers

Are my personal information and credit card data safe while ordering?

Our website was developed from the ground up with security in mind. We and our payment providers are fully compliant with the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).
We only ask for the minimum of personal information needed to provide our services and will only use this information to complete your order. We will never share your email-address or contact information. You can read our full privacy policy here.

Are there any additional costs or fees?

No. All prices stated are total prices including all applicable fees and charges and statutory VAT. We do not add any additional costs to the prices stated. Ticket delivery takes place electronically and incurs no shipping or handling fees.

There are however costs that only apply under certain conditions, and are to be paid at the concert hall. For example, Viennese event law requires that all guests check their coats or jackets at the cloakroom, a service usually subject to a small fee. Also, not every seating category includes a concert program or drinks at the intermission.

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Do I have to pay VAT (Value-added tax)?

As the concert takes place in Austria, every ticket is subjet to statutory VAT. All prices stated on our website are total prices and already include VAT and all applicable fees. In Austria VAT on concerts is 13%, on food (ie. for the dinner of a concert and dinner package) 10% and on drinks and beverages 20%.

If you require an invoice with detailed VAT please contact us.

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Can I select my seats in advance?

The seats at the concert are not numbered and cannot be chosen in advance. Seating will be assigned at admission to the concert hall. Our staff will make sure, that your seats will be next to each other and in the same row.

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Until when can I order?

Online ordering for the same day closes at 17:00.

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Is it possible to change the concert date?

Yes, however we cannot guarantee that the date can be changed (as for some dates the events are possibly booked out). Changing to a different concert is not possible. Please contact us at least five days prior to the concert.

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Is it possible to cancel my ticket order?

In accordance with the Austrian Fernabsatzgesetz (Distance Selling Law) all orders are final and not refundable. However, if you inform us early enough we will do our best to provide a goodwill cancellation of your tickets. For more information see Cancelling your ticket order.

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What happens when the concert is cancelled?

This is unlikely to happen. However, if a concert is cancelled, we will inform you immediately by email and, if no alternative date or concert can be arranged, refund the ticket price.

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What is your policy on bringing young children?

Unless explicitly stated otherwise it is not permitted to bring children under the age of 2 to full-length concerts.

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I am attending a concert in Vienna for the first time, what should I know?

We assembled a list of tips for your concert visit, including dress codes, when to arrive and when to applaud – see our concert-going tips.

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