Vienna Royal Orchestra at the Imperial Hall

Vienna Royal Orchestra
Classical concerts in the best Viennese tradition

In the best Viennese tradition of highest artistic quality, the Vienna Royal Orchestra combines art and entertainment into an exclusive performance of classical music. The Vienna Royal Orchestra is composed exclusively of musicians from the leading Viennese orchestras, as for example the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra. The performance of selected soloists and the accompanying charming ballet-dancers make every concert an authentic experience of the times of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss.

Ballet dancers at the Royal Orchestra concerts

Corps de Ballet Similar to the festive soirées of the golden age of operetta a presenter conducts the proceedings of the Royal Orchestra concerts. The program consists of interpretations of classical masterpieces of Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Beethoven, Joseph Lanner, Johann Strauss and many other composers.

A Corps de Ballet — two pairs of dancers from the Vienna State Opera or solo dancers from famous opera houses, as well as soloist singers from the international circuit, give the concert the dimension of an imperial evening.

Concert dates and ticket prices

Tickets are available in four different categories: Imperial, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Seats are not numbered, seating will be assigned by the usher at the entrance according to ticket category. You can also combine your concert evening with a dinner at the restaurant Parlor.

Vienna Royal Orchestra classic concerts

The Vienna Royal Orchestra performs regularly from January to December.

Category Imperial 99.00 €
Category Gold 69.00 €
Category Silver 59.00 €
Category Bronze 45.00 €
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Vienna Royal Orchestra Christmas concerts

Concerts during christmas time.

Category Imperial 109.00 €
Category Gold 79.00 €
Category Silver 69.00 €
Category Bronze 55.00 €
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Vienna Royal Orchestra New Year concerts

Extended concerts on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Category Imperial 109.00 €
Category Gold 79.00 €
Category Silver 69.00 €
Category Bronze 55.00 €
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All prices are total prices, including all taxes and statutory fees. We do not add any booking fees or shipping charges.

The program of the Royal Orchestra


Fast polka from the operetta "Die Fledermaus" ("The Bat"), Johann Strauss II

Aria (Various)

Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Serenade No. 13, 1st Movement Allegro, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Romance for Violin and Orchestra, Ludwig van Beethoven

Duett (Various)

Vogelquartett (The Bird)
Quartet No. 32 in C major, 4th Movement Rondo-Presto, Joseph Haydn

Franz Schubert

3 Marches militaires, Franz Schubert

Alla Turca
Allegretto from the Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Auf Ferienreisen
Fast polka, J. Strauss

Favorit Polka,
Polka, Joseph Lanner

Champagne Galop
Galop, Hans Christian Lumbye


Fast polka, Johann Strauss II

Waltz, Johann Strauss II

Aria (Various)

Persischer Marsch
March, Johann Strauss II

Badner Madl'n
Waltz, Karl Komzak II

Ohne Sorgen
Fast polka, Josef Strauss

An der schönen blauen Donau
Waltz, Johann Strauss II

Wiener Blut
Duett from the operetta "Wiener Blut", Johann Strauss II


Let the Vienna Royal Orchestra take you away to an unique time period and enjoy a feast for the senses with entertainment at the highest artistic level!

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