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Vienna – world capital of classical music! It is the birthplace of the waltz and the operetta and was home and workplace for more composers and musicians than any other city. Operas, concerts, and theatrical performances have played a major part in Viennese life for centuries, and today the streets resound regularly with the melodies of the imperial era. is your single point to buy tickets for classical concerts in Vienna.

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Classical concerts Vienna

Royal Orchestra

Vienna Royal Orchestra

The Vienna Royal Orchestra combines art and entertainment at the highest level of skill. Selected musicians from the most famous Viennese orchestras, soloists and ballet dancers guarantee a uniqueness of experience and interpretation reminiscent of the times of composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Johann Strauss.

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Vienna Hofburg-Orchestra

Vienna Hofburg-Orchestra

At the Vienna Hofburg, the former emperor's residence, the Vienna-Hofburg Orchestra presents an evening filled with the the most famous waltz and operetta melodies by Johann Strauss, Franz Léhar and opera aries by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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Mozart Requiem

Mozart Requiem at the St. Charles's church

Experience Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's most disputed master piece, the Requiem in D minor, at the baroque St. Charles Church in Vienna. The choir of the Salzburg Concert Society and the Orchestra 1756, performing on historical instruments, present Mozart's monumental Mass in uncomparable authenticity.

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Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts

Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts at the Orangery

Since 1997, the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra have established themselves as integral part of Vienna's cultural and musical life. In the traditional Orangery Schoenbrunn in Vienna, the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra and the Schoenbrunn Palace Ensemble perform to the most beautiful tunes of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss.

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New classical concerts

Classic Ensemble Vienna

Neu: Classic Ensemble Vienna at St. Peter's Church

The Classic Ensemble Vienna occupied by two violins, a cello and a double bass, will take you on a journey of the most beautiful works of European classical music. Including some of the most famous pieces drawn from the repertoire of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Vivaldi.

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Supreme Concerts

Neu: Vienna Supreme Concerts

Immerse yourself in the delightful Viennese music, be enchanted by its elegant waltzes, its refreshing polkas and its many romantic arias and duets. Experience works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert and, of course, the Strauss Dynasty, the masters of operetta. Let the Vienna Supreme Orchestra and its soloists offer you a truly magical evening where you can experience the happiness, optimism and flair of this wonderful city.

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Upcoming concerts

Friday,   28th  January  2022

Mozart Ensemble Concert at the Mozarthaus
Mozart Ensemble Concert at the Mozarthaus
28th  January, 2022 – Concert at: 19:30
Sala Terrena, Vienna
A: 65.00 € | B: 55.00 €

The string quartet Mozart Ensemble presents selected works of viennese classic chamber music in the familiar atmosphere of the richly decorated Sala Terrena at the convent of the Deutscher Ritter Orden. The same place where Mozart himself, under the supervision of bishop Colloredo, used to work and lodge.

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